Things to do when you travel to Chicago

If you are looking for tips in Chicago, check out our city guide with the best restaurants, and travel, as we are willing to share some insider tips for those looking for things to do and where to stay and explore, as we truly believe that Chicago is the best city to visit, although New York is great as well. If you want to know what you ought to do and when are you supposed to tip, we’ve polled our visiting friends in order to design this essential travel guide for Chicago tips. Chicago has all the offerings of a major city – museums, shopping districts and nightlife venues – so if you’re here to spend a fair amount of time, this area is home to notable institutions as The Field Museum, or you can start your vacation with Chicago’s skyscrapers like the Tribune Tower. You won’t miss out if you hire an escort, as this is a city where there are lots of escort agencies, and clients can pay for company if they want the girl to accompany them in order not to feel or get to know the city.

Millennium Park
The towers’ screens project 1,000 Chicago residents, perfectly aligned so that it appears they are spitting water, while the Cloud Gate is a bean-shaped sculpture with an elliptical shape, but there are plenty of reasons to see a concert at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion or sign up for a tour at the Cycle Center in the spring. You’ll get to see public art in Millennium Park, the crown jewel of Chicago, as it’s home to public installations such as “The Bean” and one of the most popular spots in the summer, typically teeming with free movie screenings at the Frank Gehry-designed Pavilion and when it gets cold, you’ll find the McCormick Ice Rink interactive. Millennium Park and its exhibits are free to visit, and guided architecture tours are available between May and October, and you can also download smartphone apps from iTunes for walking ideas and maps. See a concert, check out the fountains or grab a beer at the beer garden. A first-time visit isn’t complete without a stop at the Loop, a 24.5-acre space with cutting-edge architecture which acts as a backdrop for festivals, as well as the Crown Fountain and “The Bean.”

And it’s a wonderful place to see renowned skylines, world-class parks and the huge Lake Michigan (we can’t see the other side). So if you’re considering a trip, whether you’re on business or pleasure, it can be daunting for the first time figuring out the transportation options and knowing the neighborhoods.

Take the El from the airport
Most of the Chicagoans are happy that our regular Transit Authority trains offer service to airports: a $2.50 fare or $5 for regular service in under an hour feels like a steal when we travel to other cities.

We’ve searched across the city for the best things to do so follow it and share it with others right now.

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