Discover the World’s most amazing Places

The definition of beauty includes awe-inspiring wildlife and architecture, which is why these destinations make it really hard to take a bad picture. If you want to get to know some of the most beautiful places, it’s high time you dusted off your passport, as there are many breathtaking destinations out there for your bucked list or if you simply want to get off the grid. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, the purpose of life is to taste it to the utmost, and always be eager for newer experience.

If you are afflicted with wanderlust, seeing the most profoundly moving mountains, or merely drinking in the countryside has got a great appeal, from the ancient Pyramids to the charm of the villages. A compilation of the greatest hits will certainly include glaciers and mountains dotted with animals, but seeing all that could take a lifetime, so we’ve selected some great landscapes and wonders which need to move to the top of your list. People often ask us about beautiful destinations, which is why we decided to share the most magical and amazing places in the world, our absolute favorites, so in no particular order, here is our selection.

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site gives a magnitude of educational or scientifically important and typically the world’s most intriguing sites. Let your mind drift, whether you explore architectural feats or a small town, as these fascinating places will likely fill your bucket list and you can count yourself lucky if you visit even a third of these beautiful places, no matter where you live. Our world has many places to go, so it’s hard to say whether a lifetime will be enough and most will never see the world, but it’s worth a shot, as these places are definitely worth as vacation spots, be it a luxury or an unnecessary burden.

As Mark Twain said, you might be disappointed by the things you didn’t do, as this world offers spectacular sights and this incredible destinations are all must-visits, so don’t dream of what might have been.

1. China
Zhangye Danxia Geopark is a heaven for the geology lovers due to its otherworldly colors laid over millions of years: the flowing reds and oranges seem magical.

2. Venezuela
Although it overflows with wonders, we must mention the highest waterfall of Angel Falls, in Canaima National Park, which is by far the most popular attraction, and even Pixar animators used it for Paradise Falls in Up.

3. Hawaii
It is the rainiest place, allowing for hikes and bikes.

4. New Zealand
Milford Sound, on the Southern Island, will take your breath away, as it is pretty much the most beautiful destination, and just one of the spectacular landmarks in New Zealand.

5. India
The Taj Mahal is the most iconic site, built in the 17th Century, a marble mausoleum.

6. The Emerald Isle
The haunting castles, ancient sites and breathtaking beauty make it a magical and an amazing island which will keep you coming back.

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